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ParkFit Houston

Outdoor Group Fitness Cross-Training in Houston Parks

Taking group fitness out of the gym and into your park…it’s what we do. Gyms are a great place to work out if you need access to equipment that is not mobile, but if it can be moved…we probably have plans to get it out to your park soon. We want to help get you fit, we want to get you outdoors and into your local parks…so we have decided to bring the equipment to you. We are not talking traditional boot camp with exercise mats and 2.5lb dumbbells…no, not even close. We are talking huge oversized tires, car tires, kettle bells, plyo boxes and battle ropes to name a few. Getting the equipment to your park takes a bit of work, but we love doing it and are excited to have Houston join us in getting and staying fit.

Our ParkFit Houston Signature classes are a hybrid mixture...they are tough hour-long workouts which combine elements of Crossfit, mixed with bootcamp style core and cardio building exercises. Some days focus on upper-body...some days are lower-body, and we certainly can't forget the intense total body workouts. You'll work on strength, core, cardio, speed, and agility...the variations are endless. Experienced instructors like to keep things fresh and creative with tire flipping, battle rope whipping, hard sprinting, tire throwing, box jumping, kettle-bell squatting, body planking, and ab crunching fun.

We love working out, we love challenging ourselves and we love doing it outdoors….thus, was born ParkFit Houston. If you are looking to challenge yourself, if you are looking to take your workout to the next level, if you enjoy group fitness and outdoor workouts…please come out and join us! As we like to say here at ParkFit Houston….Come Get You Some!!

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